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about Engelbert Zlöbl

was born as the youngest child of fourteen siblings in 1955 in Großkirchheim, Carinthia. He lives and workes in Salzburg since 1977. The main focus of his artistic activity relates to the processing of limestone karst.

He sees the stone as a pure product of matter, in the imperfection of the cosmos. As soon as he finds the stone, he tries to discover a certain basic structure for the object that will be worked out later. He primarily performs the machining with conventional tools. Then the sculptures are partly finished with oil paint and rich pale gold or treated with acids. His work is not about the perfect representation of objects, but about imperfection –  the viewer should still have options for interpretation.


2021 Tauriska, Neukirchen/Salzburg | 2018 Contemporary ART, Salzburg | 2017 Mittelalter trifft Moderne, Salzburg | 2017 Tauriska, Neukirchen/ Salzburg

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